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We built our organization to provide technology-delivered education. After more than a decade in Pharmacy eLearning, we’ve leveraged technology know-how, collaborative skills, industry insight and pricing models to charge to the front of the pack.

We work to stay there, every day. See how:

Compliance Programs – buy, deliver and track the online courses you need, including the HIPAA Privacy Training for the Pharmacy Workforce 2010, FWA (Specialized & General), Medicare: Part B & Part DMethGuardQuality & Patient Safety for Community Pharmacy and more

Learning Management System (LMS) – LearnPro+ delivers the right features to solve business needs; its flexible design supports full integration and superior customization.

Product Knowledge Plus Employee Training – sell more products and give shoppers more value when your retail employees know – and can communicate – product solutions and best practices.

Custom Services – create the image you want to project via websites and web-based media, publish creative content, and manage accreditation services and certification.

Advisor Information Network
Whether you're a manufacturer or retailer, the Advisor Information Network provides the perfect way to get product and promotional information to community pharmacy professionals and grocery staff. 

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Compliance Programs

LMS (LearnPro+)

Custom Services

DrugAdvisor Program