Learner Community® Overview

Easy to use, versatile and powerful!


Learner Community makes it easy for anyone to manage both the learning portal and the learning products hosted there.

If you have the technical skills required to use a basic word processor, then you can run this platform. It’s that simple.

The system’s ease, versatility and power make it an LMS or LCMS to consider for your association.

Quickly publish learner-friendly environments that enhance membership value and increase non-dues revenue

Complete training and master fundamentals in 8 hours or less

Populate and update webpages, and even create learning products with almost no technical proficiency

Provide learners with an intuitive and seamless experience as they move through course enrollment and completion

And Learner Community integrates with Personify and other major AMSs…easily! 


Integrates with Most Systems

We partner with popular AMS vendors, including:

TMA Resources’ Personify

Avectra’s netFORUM




The result? A streamlined approach to integration!

Branded Site Design

Your learning portal can be just as important to the overall success of your online learning program as the learning products you deploy there. 

Learner Community’s custom HTML5 templates make it possible to deploy a custom-branded portal that is designed specifically for your audience. 

Modern professional learners bring high expectations to all of their online experiences, and Learner Community gives you the ability to meet and exceed those expectations.






Ease of Use

Today’s administrators know that keeping site content fresh and relevant is not an option – it’s a necessity.

Learner Community makes it easy to maintain and update site content anytime, from anywhere.

Site content is managed using drag-and-drop widgets and WYSIWYG editors to create announcements, links to resources and much more.

Engaging Interfaces

Learner Community makes it easy for learners to find and engage in relevant learning experiences.

It all starts with beautiful, dynamic, tag-driven catalogs designed to drive enrollments, and it continues through a sleek interface that makes managing learning experiences a breeze.

Learners will enjoy the intuitive, visual interfaces and attention to detail throughout every part of the site.




Rapid Product Development

Most organizations have access to a wealth of intellectual property that can power learning experiences. Learner Community unleashes the value of that content by making it easy to quickly create dynamic, engaging content from a variety of sources.

Using a simple drag-and-drop menu, learning experiences can be created from many types of content, including:

  • Custom HTML pages
  • Video files, including recorded webinars and events
  • Audio files
  • Flash assets
  • SCORM and AICC-compliant modules and courses
  • Library assets such as PDFs, Word, Excel and PPT documents
  • Custom assessments and evaluations
  • Certificates and transcripts

Break free from the traditional constraints of the “course” and start thinking in terms of a much wider variety of learning experiences you can deploy to support your members and your mission.



Robust Reporting

Learner Community makes tracking and reporting a breeze for administrators.

Using the native reporting features of the platform, administrators can run a variety of reports and view and download the results in visually appealing formats, as well as data files. 

In addition, Learner Community can be integrated to an existing database or system of record such as an AMS, CRM or HRIS to facilitate single sign-on (SSO), automatic transfer of learning records and, where applicable, integrated e-commerce.