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What's new in Learner Community® learning platform...

Retire Products: Learning products can now be "retired." Existing enrollments in a retired product will be expired, and the product will not be available for new enrollments. Retiring a product on Staging automatically retires it on Live.

Copy Learning Product: Tired of hand-copying learning products? There is now a copy product button that makes this process faster and easier.

Learning Product Section Auto Enroll: No more hand generating auto-enroll links! You can now copy an auto-enroll link directly from a product section. Remember that the individual using this link must be able to enroll in this product for free. 

Export Individual Enrollment Codes: No more copying and pasting individual enrollment codes: Now you can export all of your individual enrollment codes to Excel.

New Video Player: We've upgraded to the latest video players available through Brightcove. They are now HTML5 first and fall back to Flash if necessary. These players are more mobile, responsive and friendly.

Admin Ability to Add Enrollment: When viewing a learner's enrollments from the Admin > Manage Learner area, you can now add an enrollment directly to the learner's account.

Edit Question from Sub Assessments: You can now edit an assessment question directly from a sub assessment without having to locate the question in the overall structure.

Completions Report: A new Excel report allows administrators to more easily report on completions. The new Completions Report can be filtered by product, completion date and learner information (all of which are optional).

Separate Learner and Vendor Exclusion Checks: Learner and vendor exclusion checks can now be independently enabled group by group. 

Customizable Logo on PDF Reports: Organizations can now upload their own logo to be used on the PDF reports.

Product Detail - Social Sharing: The product detail page now has the necessary social sharing tags to better embed content into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

OIG/GSA Exclusion Checks: Organizations using our Exclusion Check service will now be able to add Vendors to their monthly checks. An organization can maintain its own list of vendors, and each group can maintain their own list of vendors. (This is a premium service.)

Webhooks: Now there’s support for event based notifications via webhooks. With a webhook, you can receive and react to events occurring in Learner Community, from Enrollment Failed to Learning Activity Completed. You can also easily configure integrations between multiple systems.

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